We're really excited to announce that metrifly is now a part of the European ACE program! Following a very competitive application process, metrifly was selected as one of the few startups to join this Europe-wide program designed to support international growth.

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We are going to the GSMA Mobile World Congress! You can use our email to schedule a meeting!

February 25, 2015

Back in 2013 we identified a need and an opportunity in the Telecom Industry. Without quitting our day jobs, we worked our way towards an MVP. We were working really hard to make it appealing and functional. Easy-to-use yet useful. But validating our business model and iterating with potential customers was proving to be extremely hard. Looking back we can see the clear differences before and after the Lisbon Challenge.

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Uma startup num minuto: A Metrifly pretende fornecer dados reais sobre a qualidade das redes de telemóveis. No final, tanto os consumidores como os operadores ficam a ganhar

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Metrifly has been awarded the Top 5 Startup Prize of Caixa Empreender!

July 1, 2014

Wireless metrics on the fly

Uncover the metrifly functionalities and find out how it can help you measure and improve your network. Try It Now >

Know how your users see your network

Wireless metrics on the fly with WiFi, 3G and 4G support

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