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Measure wireless networks

The client application provides on-demand measurement of several performance indicators for the current WiFi and Mobile networks. With just one click you can gather information about the current status of your network

Chosse between WiFi and Mobile. Track the current status of the network while pushing everything to the cloud

The application will gather metrics such as bandwidth, roud-trip time, or even signal strength for visible APs and cells

Report to the Cloud

Measurements are securely reported to the cloud platform, where they are processed and aggregated into consistent data sets taking into account access points, cells, and locations and network conditions

With a simple click the data is sent to the cloud.

Everything becomes available in real time through simple, easy to use and intuitive dashboards.

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Analyse in Real Time

The collected measurements are available for detailed analysis on the cloud platform, allowing detailed performance comparison of different carrier networks, locations, or access points, through visual tools like charts or tables.

1) Start with the overall Dashboards where you can compare Carriers and Drill In to see the AP/Cells. Filter to select only those you want to see.

2) Drill In a step further and see all the measurements for a certain AP or Cell. You can also compare Carriers by location.

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You can also Drill In/Out from the Carrier View right down to the most detailed measurements. We also provide a Carrier view that shows the latest updates and makes suggestions on how you can improve the network!

Scalable solution to match your needs

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In-house solution

In-house custom deployments with tailored reports and optimization configurations.

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Cloud Solution

Subscription based models, allowing pay-as-you-go solutions that scale with the number of devices.

Know how your users see your network

Wireless metrics on the fly with WiFi, 3G and 4G support

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